Compare/Contrast Kindergarten Teachers and University Teachers

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Compare/contrast kindergarten teachers and university teachers

Teaching has long been considered one of the most demanding professions of the present age. Most teachers do not feel ready to cope with problems that usually arise during their lessons. As lower (elementary) levels are frequently easier to deal with, some of them prefer working at those levels because they think children are easier to handle. Others feel more comfortable teaching students of higher levels like university. At first sight, kindergarten and university teachers seem to be highly different because they are under completely dissimilar teaching circumstances. As their teaching context varies considerably, they do not approach their students in the same way. Their methodology, activities and evaluation methods differ completely. However, at a closer look, both groups of teachers share some similarities. First, kindergarten and university teachers have to be well prepared. Kindergarten teachers need to constantly increase their knowledge about how children learn and systematically develop their skills so as to know what they are doing and what problems they are dealing with. Most kindergarten teachers are well aware that small children get easily distracted and that they are active learners so they need to be innovative, resourceful and creative. Similarly, university teachers need to be competent and have a sound knowledge of subject content. They have to invest time in learning and training in order to meet their students’ needs. For example, university teachers need to be updated about what methods and trends work best for their students. Kindergarten and university teachers also have similar expectations about their students. Teachers at kindergarten want to promote active learning and the development of successful students and individuals. Teachers work very hard at this stage because this period is the right time for children to build knowledge, develop their ability to get along...
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