Kindergarten Teacher Should at Least Has a Basic Degree

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Career as a kindergarten teacher is not easier like what people always think. The kindergarten teacher must be prepare in physically and mentally while dealing with their toddler. Lately, people always talk about the background education of the teacher. Thus, should kindergarten teachers have basic degree to educate the children?

In my opinion, the kindergarten teachers should have the basic degree because they play a big role in determine the successful of the children starting from the early development of education. So, only with the degree, the kindergarten teachers can teach them with the best skills of learning due to the need of the children .The basic education like learning in music art and games are also important because this is the primary stage that can make the children attract to learn. What children learn and experience during this early year can shape their views of the worlds and can affect their later success or failure in school, work and their personal life.

In addition, kindergarten teachers who have basic degree also can be know how to handle a class of 4 or 5 years old children because they already have a lot of knowledge about how to manage the children’s behavior. By having the basic degree, it can save the government expenditure on training them as while as they were studied, they already provided training. Furthermore, basic degree also provided the kindergarten teachers about child development , family education, and many more. Last but not least, to complete a degree, 4 years are needed so that after having the degree, kindergarten teachers can guide all children with full information in an orderly and save environment. So that, the children can grow intellectually and emotionally. Apart from that, with basic degree, the kindergarten teachers can know how to take care of the children and make them feeling comfortable during the learning session. In conclusion, I totally agree that kindergarten teachers should have...
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