Compare and Contrast Two Ways of Travelling

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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Hello, everyone. Today I would like to talk to you about traveling. When people were asked what they like to do, most of the answers would include travelling. There are many ways to travel, but the most two common ways used by most people are backpacking and staying in hotels. There are always bad and good points about both of them, but in my presentation, I will compare and contrast the three major differences between these two. They are the costs, the safety of the staying, and the availability of plans.

So, let’s start by comparing the cost of them. First of all, backpacking is more common among teenagers and young people while staying in hotels is more common among older and wealthy people. The first reason is that backpacking saves a lot of money and let them enjoy their trips in a common way. People who prefer backpacking usually are those that do not have much money and are flexible with their surroundings. The advantage of this way of traveling is that people can truly experience the way native people usually live and act in their daily life. They also get to taste simple yet delicious homemade food when they do not like to eat out. On the other hand, people who stay in the hotel while traveling can enjoy their trips in a different way. Even though they pay more, they also receive better services. They can hire a driver to take them around the city, enjoy nice meals cooked by first class chefs and other services served by professional employees in the hotel. They also get to go to as many luxury places in the city anytime they want.

The next issue I would like to focus on is the security of these two types of traveling. With backpacking, there are always unpredictable unfortunate events that happen to them. Since backpacking travelers stay in a hostel with many other people, they often found their belongings stolen or gone through. Also, burglary can also happens to them anytime, either they are out or in their hostels. On the contrary, people who...
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