Thought and Tum

Topics: Thought, Idea, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Tum:Hi, Oat & Mild, How about your weekend?
Oat:I haven’t decided yet. But, I think we should go to somewhere. Mild:For me, I still have no idea about this too.
Every weekend I always stay at home.
Oats:Do you have any idea to do in this weekend?
Tum:I am going to the beach for picnic.
Would you like to go to picnic with me?
Oat:Actually, I am also getting bored at home. It will be a nice picnik!!!.
but we are only three. I think we should be at least 2 or 3 more persons. Tum:We can ask for our family, right?
And Mild . Can you ask your brother for this ?
Oat:No No please . Can we enjoy only with us?
Tum:Ok, no family.
Just ask only our friends.
Mild: How about our camping?
Tum:Heading out to Patong Beach for a 3 days.
Staying in Hotel is very expensive, camping is cheaper than and more interesting, I think. Mild:That’s good idea, I love to go to the beach for camping too. How about you Oat?
Oat:That’s sounds good, it will be a wonderful picnic!!. We can enjoy beach time. When should we go to picnic?
Tum:I think, this Friday morning and I’ve plan to go there to spend my free-time for relaxing. Mild:How long do you stay there?
Tum:For 3 days.
Mild:What would the weather be in this weekend?
Oat:I’ve heard there too hot, but it will be clear and sunny all day long. what things we should bring?
Tum:Yeah, we need a hat and some sunscreen lotion for protect our skin from the sun, You could get badly sunburned out there. Oat:And you might also need some insect repellent, I think. Mild:Why i should bring it?

Oat:It can help you to keep mosquitoes and other insect away at night because there’re attracted by smell of the food. Tum:What else do I need?
Mild:We’ll also to taking a cooler for keeping drinks cool, and a fire extinguisher! Just in case. Oat:Yeah, I agree with you.
Don’t forget to bring some beers too.
Tum:It’s a good idea. We’ll leaving on Friday morning.
We should arrive there at 3 o’clock at...
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