Compare and Contrast the Typical Family Conditions and Ways of Life of Southern Whites, African Americans, and New Englanders in the Seventeenth Century

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Compare and Contrast the typical family conditions and ways of life of southern whites, African Americans, and New Englanders in the seventeenth century

Through out history, humans have constantly migrated from place to place whether it was by choice or force. By the seventeenth century, Europeans had migrated over to the new world. Realizing they needed assistance in the agricultural aspect, they had slaves brought over who are now known as African Americans. The new world had two sections, the south and the New England area. People of the south were generally African American slaves and southern whites as to the New Englanders in the north. With different atmospheres, the family conditions and ways of life were bound to be different, but at the same time these people shared common aspects of life.

With out much guidance on how to stay alive in the new world, life was not easy for anyone. For the African American slaves and southern whites, the climate was hostile to death. Even though the climate of New England differed from the south, the geography containing rocky soil and mountains made it harder to support one another. As a whole, the African Americans, southern whites, and New Englanders all had to find a way to adapt to their new environments that were presented to them. Despite some of the infertile land in the north, there were still many farms, they weren’t plantations, but they still owned and worked on farms just like the southern whites and African American slaves. When African Americans slaved for their owners, an unheard luxury of working on the tobacco fields was being close enough to interact with one another. With time the female ratio evened out and natural reproduction made their population grow just like the southern whites and New Englanders. Even though these diverse groups of people share similarities, there are evident reasons are to why they are different.

To start off, the most obvious difference between the African American...
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