Compare and Contrast Technology Through the Years

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Game Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: September 25, 2011
It is amazing that technology has changed the world around us, within just two decades. Some of the technologies include instantaneous communication, realistic looking games, information at the tip of you fingers, and personal computers. These are some of technologies that affect our lives so much. Without them, we could not call it the modern age of man kind.

The telephone that we know today is completely different from the one of the past. Today we can individually press each number quickly to call someone. We can even call someone through the computer without the person actually owning a phone. The telephone of the past had the numbers on a curricular disc. This design made forced you to tediously move each number to a specific position, which resulted in a time consuming endeavor.

Video games of yesteryear are a far cry from the games of today. Today, most games make a person feel as though they are part of a realistic movie, which allows them to take control every thing that happens in the game. One could not even imagine what it was like to play games just a few years ago. One of the most famous games was pong. This game was just a two dimensional game, that made one feel has though he was playing a game on paper rather than playing on the TV. Long ago, I played a game that was called Pac-Man. All you did was go in circles, over and over, looking for the enemy to eat in a two dimensional world. Now, I play games that are in a three dimensional world, which makes me feel as though I am actually a character within the game .

In the past, the most common way people communicated to each other was through the use of the letters. It took days, if not weeks, for two people too have a conversation with each other. Thankfully, today, almost everyone with a computer can have a conversation with others at an instantaneous speed. This technology makes one feel as though they are talking next to each other. My mom has stated that she is just amazed that she...
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