Compare and Contrast Techniques of Administration in Classical Empires

Topics: Han Dynasty, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Analyze the similarities and differences in techniques of imperial administration in two of the following empires. The Han Dynasty was established in 206 BCE to 220 CE, more than 400 years of rule split into two distinct periods: early Han and later Han. During the establishment of the Han dynasty, the Maurya Empire was declining to its end, when it finally ended during 185 BCE. Several events marked the transition from Republic to imperial rule, including Julius Caesar's appointment as dictator (44 BCE); the Battle of Actium (September 31 BCE); and the title of emperor passed onto Octavian by the Roman Senate (January 27 BCE). Similarities of techniques of imperial administration of the Han and Imperial Rome was the use of prior knowledge from cultural diffusion of past empires, such as Persia, imperial expansion of both empires, and centralized government system of both empires, with an emperor. A noticeable difference between the two empires was the role of religion or philosophies in the case of Han dynasty in imperial administration. The Persians and Greeks heavily influenced the Romans in their management of imperial administration. During the Qin dynasty, ideas and attributes of those empires may have diffused to the Han dynasty. Like Persia and the Qin dynasty, Imperial Rome and Han dynasty both had standardized currency, weights, measurements, and system of centralized government with a strong ruler. The emperor was the central authority with definite powers. In imperial Rome, Augustus reorganized the military system and created a new standing army with commanders who owed allegiance directly to the emperor and integrated them in the government. Similarly in Han China, the emperor positioned the Grand Commandant, was the irregularly posted commander of the military and then regent during the Western Han period. He owed direct allegiance to the emperor of Han. The government system of both empires was the central government with smaller regional...
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