Han and Rome

Topics: Han Dynasty, Gender role, Family Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Han and Rome
The Han China and Roman empires were similar and different in many ways. The Rome and Han had multiple characteristics in common such as a (s1) patriarchal society, in which women were inferior to men, (s2) upper level social classes, and (s3) both containing a large gap between the rich and poor. However, these dynasties also contrasted in many areas. For example, the (d1) Romans had many slaves, which were used for agriculture and business production, while the Han did not. These empires also had (d2) varying ways in which their household was run, such as pater familias and filial piety, as well as the (d3) role of women was different among the two empires.

The Rome and the Han dynasties both had shared specific qualities. Both of these empires contained upper level social classes. Within each class, there were people who obtained land and large estates, as well as having peasants who lived in smaller farms and worked for the upper classes. These empires both incorporated some form of a patriarchal structure; therefore the women living amongst these dynasties were subordinate to men and often had defined roles within the family. This was the case in all of the Classical empires, women were inferior and had lesser roles than that of men. Also, Han and Rome had huge gaps between the rich and poor, thus causing increased social tension. Most of the land inhabiting these areas ended up accumulating in the hand of the wealthy because the poor were unable to pay for their land. The land distribution problems cause banditry and rebellion amongst the poor, such as the Yellow Turban uprising in Han China.

While the Roman and the Han empires were similar, they also differed. The households within both empires were run very differently. In the Roman households, they enforced a concept of pater familias, meaning the eldest male in the house would rule, this is also passed down through generations. Where as in the Han, they followed a Confucian quality,...
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