Compare and Contrast Han China and the Medeterrain World

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Compare/Contrast Essay

Question: Compare the development of traditions and institutions in any TWO of the following major civilizations.

Han China and the Mediterranean World
The development of traditions and institutions in Mediterranean World and the Han period of Chinese history were momentous in the development of each society’s culture and identity. The Han, Romans, and Greeks all had strict family structures and gender rules and the Han and Romans both had a unique system of assimilating the peoples they conquered into their society. But the societies also were different, for example, the Roman and Greek religion was very different from Chinese religion, mostly because the Chinese did not have a national religion and more of a national philosophy (Confucianism) then a religion like Greece or Rome had. Additionally, while the Han ruled through Emperors, the many Greek city-states had a monarchy, oligarchy, or a democracy. SimilaritiesDifferences

- The Romans and the Han used a unique system of assimilating conquered peoples into their society. - The Han, Greeks, and Romans all followed strict gender rules

- The Greeks and the Romans had a very different religious system compared to Han China that had more of a national philosophy then a religion. - The Han ruled through emperors, while the Greek city-states ruled either by monarchy, oligarchy, or a democracy and the Romans had a republic.

In both China during the Han dynasty and the Roman Republic/Empire, the way they absorbed conquered peoples into their society was a very savvy way of governing. When the Romans or Chinese had conquered an opposing nation, instead of taking over the towns and cities and disposing of their rulers, they allowed the conquered peoples to govern themselves as long as they stayed loyal and gave tribute to Rome or the Emperor respectively. For example, when the Romans had taken over Gaul (modern day...
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