Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay
University Composition and Communication I
December 18, 2011


The NBA has been played in the United States for 63 years. Throughout those years, there have been many players that have set records and many players that have broken records. Those players set the standards for what the fans think a basketball player should be, but many surpass expectations. There are many elite players in the NBA, besides the stats, the fans decide on who is the best. Many people have their picks and chooses but even though their may be somebody better, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the best players in the league because they won more championships than any other player and they average more points per game than other players.

Michael Jordan spent his college career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1981. In the 1982 NCAA Championship game against Georgetown, Michael made a jump shot as a freshman which caused them to win the game. Michael Jordan was then named the ACC freshman of the year after he averaged 13.4 points per game. After his junior year, he was the third over all draft pick in the 1984 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. Jordan burst into the big game with a terrific first season, earning the NBA Rookie of the Year and MVP for winning the championship for the first time.

Kobe Bryant had a very successful high school basketball career. He was recognized as the best high school basketball player in the country. After graduation, Kobe elected to enter the NBA directly after, becoming the first ever player in Los Angeles franchise history to make that transition. In January of his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant was finally a starter. He was only 18 years, five months, and five days, the youngest starter in history. During his first season, Kobe won the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest, making him the youngest player to win the title. Kobe then led his team to the...
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