Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Wife, Marriage, Husband Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: May 22, 2013
What does it take for a marriage to be successful? Many people have their own different opinions. Although, in the cases of birthday woman and Frances, both married women who; in fact, have the passion and commitment in their relationship. But both need to work on their insecurity to be more assured of themselves. Therefore, there is several similarities between the birthday woman in, A Birthday Party, and Frances, in The Girls In Their Summer Dresses. One similarity between birthday woman and Frances is passion because birthday man “the husband was not pleased” he was ashamed of what his wife put him through in a public place. Birthday woman shows her passion emotionally as she was “crying quietly and heartbrokenly and hopelessly, all to herself.” Birthday woman is also passionate about making her relationship work by not walking away from their problem, as he insults her. Meaning no matter what they go through she will not risk their relationship. Likewise, with Frances she insist for Michael to tell her why he is always staring at other women. Michael tells Frances “I love the way women look,” and goes on about the different wonderful women that walk down Fifth Avenue in New York. Frances is in denial, as “she began to cry silently into her handkerchief.” Furthermore, Frances is also passionate about working on her relationship by talking to Michael about their situation; besides, allowing the conflict develop into a greater extent. Instead, Frances tells Michael “keep it to yourself. I’m not interested.”

Another similarity between birthday woman and Frances is commitment to their husbands. Birthday woman is married which demonstrates loyalty towards her husband. As she had “planned a little surprise for him” on his birthday going out of her way to show him importance. The surprise which is a “glossy birthday cake with, one pink candle,” representing the arrival of a new baby; as the result, of...
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