Compare and Contrast: Egypt & China

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Compare & Contrast: Egypt & China

Ancient Egypt and ancient China had many cultural differences and similarities. While China’s form of government is monarchy, Egypt’s is theocracy. As for their religious beliefs, even though they’re both polytheistic, they have different Gods. Another difference in the two civilizations is the environment. While the climate in China varies, Egypt is mainly hot and dry.

China, having monarchy as their form of government, was ruled by many different dynasties.

In Egypt, the pharaoh was the supreme ruler. Egyptologists believe the people of Egypt considered the pharaoh to be half man/half God. The type of government in ancient Egypt was a theocracy. A good number of the people carrying out the Pharaoh's decrees were priests and holy men. The government structure of ancient Egypt involved other officials, including viziers, army commanders, chief treasurers, and the minister of public works, and tax collectors, all of whom answered directly to the pharaoh. There were also governors of specific pieces of land who answered to the vizier. In the several thousand year span of Egyptian history, the general way of governing was quite consistent.

The religion of ancient Egypt was polytheistic and centered around the divinity of the ruler and the eternity of the soul. The Chinese were polytheistic with the addition of ancestor worship. Over time, these beliefs were sometimes blended with Taoism, Buddhism or Confucianism.

Egypt, located in the northern part of Africa has hot and dry climate. The area received little rainfall and the region was mainly desert. However, the Nile River would flood each year, creating fertile planting grounds and allowing the ancient Egyptians to grow their crops. China, on the other hand, is located on the continent of Asia. The land contains deserts, forests, mountains, and hills. The climate in China is seasonal and different across different areas of China. The ancient Chinese adapted...
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