Compare and Contrast Circuit

Topics: Packet switching, X.25, Frame Relay Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: June 15, 2012
Compare and contrast circuit-switched services, dedicated-circuit services, and packet-switched services.

Circuit switches services uses cloud architecture. This happens when a user leases a connection from a known carrier (which is called a cloud). This works for telephone lines; the user dials the telephone number of the destination computer and establishes a temporary circuit between the two computers. The computer then exchanges various data till the task is finished. When the task is completed, it is disconnected. It is also billed by pay per usage from the carrier Dedicated-circuit services require the same type of lease circuit from the common carriers. The only difference is that the connections are point to point from one building to another and the scope can range between cities or other buildings. The circuit still run the carriers cloud but the network behaves as if physical circuits are is also Billed monthly by the carrier. Packet-switched network has a guaranteed data transmission capability that was available for use only for the computers that are communicating between each other. Packet switching services also enables multiple connections to exist simultaneously. Another advantage of packet-switched services is that different locations can have different connection speeds into the common carrier cloud.

How does a reliable packet service differ from an unreliable packet service? Reliable packet service has error control mechanisms in place and it guarantees the delivery of packets from the source to the destination. An example of a reliable packet service is Frame relay, which is a packet switching technology that transfers data faster than x.25 but slower than ATM. X.25 is another example of a reliable packet service. An unreliable packet service doesn’t check for an error and the packets aren’t guaranteed to reach its final destination. An example of a unreliable packet service is ATM.

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