It 320 Hw 1.1

Topics: Computer network, Wide area network, Serial port Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: January 28, 2013
John McGee
IT 320
HW assignment 1.1
Vocabulary Exercise: Matching on page 3
1. Wide Area Network (WAN):
A network that spans a large geographic area.
2. Router:
Connects LAN’s to WAN’s
3. Default Gateway:
If a device does not know how to get to a destination, it sends data to this device. 4. Leased Line:
A WAN link contracted for use by the customer.
5. Telephone Company:
A WAN service provider.
6. Serial Cable:
Connects a router to a CSU/DSU.
7. Channel service unit/ Data service unit (CSU/DSU):
Equipment that is located in the customer’s wiring closet and provides a clocking signal to the router. 8. Data circuit terminating equipment (DCE):
When referring to clocking, the CSU/DSU is this piece of equipment. 9. Data terminal equipment (DTE):
When referring to clocking the customer’s router, this piece of equipment is used. 10. Clocking Rate:
Describes the timing between the router and the CSU/DSU.
11. Synchronous:
The number of bits per second that the service provider can accepts and send to the customer. 12. Serial link:
Wires or other media through which data is transmitted from one place to another. 13. Serial Interface:
A smaller, more compact physical specification.
14. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE):
What the WAN service provider calls your collection of equipment, including the router and CSU/DSU. 15. Metric:
A general term that describes the measurement of a route.
16. Cisco IOS:
The software used by a router.
17. Contents of RAM:
Lost when a device is powered down or rebooted.

18. Bus:
A telecommunications path that sends 1 bit at a time.
19. Interface:
The physical connection point on networking devices where signals enter and exit. 20. Smart serial interface:
The router port that connects a WAN link.
21. Circuit switching:
Dialup and ISDN are examples of these types of networks.
22. Packet switching:
Frame Relay and ATM...
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