Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Compare and Contrast
Caring for and preserving the environment is an issue that gains interest daily. In the essays “How to Poison the Earth” by Linnea Saukko and “Chronicles of Ice” by Gretel Ehrlich both authors make excellent points about how to save and conserve the planet Earth. Ehrlich and Saukko go about making these points in two completely different ways though although they do have their similarities. Saukko uses a more sarcastic and ironic way to prove her point while Ehrlich uses a more serious and detailed way to prove hers. The essays are directed toward people who love and care about Earth and want to see our plant be prosperous for may years to come. Both authors are writing their essays for people to read and to begin to understand that we have to act fast to make sure our planet stays beautiful and able to support life. Ehrlich and Saukko are both worried about the effects of human activity on the environment and what we can do to stop poisoning the Earth and save the glaciers. Both realize the human actions on the environment and the effects they do have on Earth. Saukko and Ehrlich both strongly express their concern for the environment in their essays and they both use process analysis, but the way they approach the readers differs. Saukko’s essay focuses on the pollutants that jeopardize life and Ehrlich essay focuses on what environmental issues affect glaciers. Saukko uses satire to engage the reader and her ironic tone is a contribution. Ehlrich’s essay approaches the reader through personal experience, her details and descriptions make the essay informative attracting a specific reader. Both essays are interesting, each with distinct methods but overall informative while complimenting each other. The major difference between Saukko‘s and Ehrlich’s essay is the style of the essays. Saukko’s writing is referred to as direct process analysis, but she also uses satire, which is very effective when it comes to keeping the reader interested....
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