Poisoned Waters

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Poisoned Waters
Film Review
This article goes perfect with what we have been reviewing in class. It shows some of the main obstacles that environmentalists are facing and focuses on one section that is in dire straights.
Back in the seventies the United States started up the EPA and it worked very effectively to clean up our environment because it had very strict regulations that developers had to adhere to. This process was cleaning up our ecosystem and things where getting back to a sustainable environment. It seems that when Ronald Reagan took office he put a stop to this and made the EPA laws “voluntary instead of mandatory. This gave the companies the power to ignore the guidelines provided and adhere to profit maximizing environment destroying policies of their own.

Purred Sands was once a rich place where fisherman would fish and people would enjoy the waters. Today people can barely make a living as fishermen of this area and most of the waters are very dangerously filled with harmful chemicals.

The anatomy of the animals is changing because of these chemicals. We have frogs being born with six legs and male frogs with female organs and all of those sort of mishaps because these animals are being subjected to very dangerous deadly chemicals. This is cutting off the whole food chain because as the animals feed each other the chemicals are killing even the button nose whales which are at the top of the food chain.

In the past people did things because they where ignorant about the environment, things that today would be highly frowned upon, and did not know what damage they were causing. As our population started to grow and we had to mass produce things the everything went bigger including pollution and the effects started showing. For the first time the environment responded to the damage we were causing it. Scientists had to see what was going on and through this we became education that we had limited natural resources and you can not just...
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