Compare and Contrast

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Red Sea Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: May 14, 2013

     Why do people immigrate from their own country? They migrate for several different reasons. These reasons can be political, religious, and material reasons. People nowadays become more readily about making the decision to migrate, it is hard for them to leave their country to another because they will miss their families, homes and they will feel nostalgic and homesick. Lots of people immigrate to other countries to find chances to be succeeded and earn money. Lots of immigrants after they had leaved their countries, they earned a lot of money. Here in Saudi Arabia a vast number of people immigrate to Jeddah more than Bisha. I believe that Jeddah has the largest number of immigrants and this is predictable because it has plenty factories and companies, in addition, Jeddah is an attraction city, and it is more active city than Bisha. 

          Jeddah is a city more modern than Bisha. It has more factories and companies compared to Bisha. These factories and companies need many labors. People came to Jeddah form all the world because of the opportunity to find a suitable jobs with high salary, while Bisha has less factories and companies, resulting in less immigrants. Jeddah is an active commercial city, which contributed to the large number of immigrants.

        Jeddah is an attractive city. It has lots of malls, fancy hotels and many beautiful places. All these give Jeddah more radiant. For example, Red Sea Mall and Stars Avenue. In addition the sea and the fountain, which is considered the second largest fountain in the world. Also, Jeddah has museums while Bisha has less malls and hotels. People in Bisha are rural, unlike people in Jeddah are more open.

         The education in Jeddah is very high than Bisha. That’s why Immigrants like to come to Jeddah because it has many public and private schools and universities. For example, King Abdelaziz University (KAU) which is the most popular university in Jeddah has more...
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