Compare and Contrast

Topics: Ghost, Paranormal, Physician Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Five opposite strangers are offered $10,000 to stay the night in an old haunted psychiatric institute. The building holds many hidden secrets of its murderous past, in which Doctors would secretly torture and experiment in the criminally insane patients. As the night approaches, doors windows are locked and all guests are trapped inside the hospital with ghosts, and terrors.

I choose House on Haunted Hill because I enjoyed the whole set-up of the movie; it was the first actual movie I had seen that took place in an old criminally insane old haunted hospital. The whole suspense and thrill just kept me at edge of seat, my heart beating and adrenaline up high!!

I enjoyed the movie because it had a realistic setting; most scary movies are more imaginary, then realistic. This particular movie was scary from begging to end, from arriving to the hospital in funeral cars with a leading hearse to the end of survivors (can’t tell you if there are any survivors). Its ghost apparitions and the whole scenery of how these patients were tortured and experimented on its just scary!! Setting of the old hospital, its rusted walls and left behind wheelchairs, surgery tools, and how the ghosts would walk towards you!! My favorite part was when one of the guests was hiding from the ghosts in the closet and as she’s looking out of the closet she sees apparitions of a patient being tortured from the doctors and nurses, guest is struggling to keep quiet and makes a small noise, and the doctor and nurse stop what they are doing and slowly turn towards closet!! That was ONE of my many favorite scary movies. I can never get bored of it, unlike the Paranormal Activity I dislike the fact how it keeps going and going sequel after sequel and prequel, it’s exhausting and boring. I definitely recommend House on Haunted Hill; it was released in 1999 so its picture might see old of it defiantly worth to watch.
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