Compare and Contrast

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Heaven Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Compare and Contrast

Jesus and Buddha, these two are the leaders and symbols of two of the biggest religions we live by today. When you think Christianity you think of Jesus and of course when you think Buddhism you think of Buddha. Both men had a vision of making the world a better place to live in while always doing so through peace. They both had a massive following among them like never seen before or since their departure. There are allot of similarities between these two but also a allot differences. By the end of this essay you will see they walked the same path but just had on different shoes while taking their journey. Let’s start with the similarities, Jesus and Buddha both thought that life on earth wasn’t the true meaning and believed in a place called heaven. They came to the conclusion they good people who followed their ways would make it in this safe haven where there will be infinite blessings, while people who went against these beliefs and followed a “bad” path would cease to exist in hell. Now while they both have different views on what makes a person bad, they both seemed to believe a good person is somebody who makes the world better without any evil intentions. Also both men had their respective “rules” to follow amongst them. With Jesus you had the “The Ten Commandments” and Buddha had “The Precepts Of Buddhism” Now with Jesus, he thought that while you were on earth was the beginning trip to heaven. Christians believe that a couple named Adam and Eve were the first beings on earth and committed the first sins by betraying Jesus father God and eating a fruit on the forbidding tree. They believe that God sent us down here out of punishment to make right of our sins. Also that no matter what God will always forgive and welcome back anybody who ask for forgives without hesitation. Now one thing that Jesus always preached was “Love on another as I have loved you” and that he would never leave anybody behind. His vision was to make this...
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