Ghandi vs Jesus

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Jesus Christ, who is the founder for Christianity, and Mahatma Gandhi, who is the teacher for Hindu, is two teachers that have similarities in their ways of teaching. These two religions are totally different, but they Gandhi was considered a modern day of Jesus, since they share same ideas about what they teach and practice.

One major similarity in teaching between these two religions, are that they are both based on non-violence. Gandhi and Jesus both believe that, non-violence is the greatest force that human must maintain and use to achieve in any struggles. They also teach that non-violence should be use as a means to bring about changes within a society, which can be social or even political. This brings about also another similarity in their teaching, which is the teaching of being compassion. Jesus teaches his followers to love their enemies as thyself (Matthew 5:44), instead of showing them hatred and anger. Gandhi teaches the same to his followers, showing compassion to everyone including the enemies, instead of fighting against each other who might be the enemies. Gandhi believes that this will assist with easing the anger and violence that they might have for each other, which will then allows individual’s reactions towards them become compassionate.

The “Sermon on the Mount” is what is said to attach Gandhi towards Jesus teaching. Gandhi states that this part of the bible made him become more aware of not only of non-violence, but also the “Law of Love”. They both believe and teach that individuals should have endless love and should not retaliate no matter of the situation. The good shall be embrace and the evil should not be thought about in order to live a life without issue and which is good.

Forgiveness was another common similarity in Jesus and Gandhi teachings. Jesus state that one should forgive and forget, also one should turn the other cheek instead of hitting back an abuser. This also incorporates the teaching of non-violence, they...
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