Compare and Contrast

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The other wes Moore one name, Two Fates
“Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates,” describes the difficult times in both boys lives. In many ways this novel is inspirational. Such as, how it shows the choices we make today, and how they affect us in the future. As, portrayed through both Wes Moore’s. What these boys went through at such young ages is truly heart wrenching.

When comparing the lives of these two young men I find so many things that they have in common. Besides the obvious, the same name. Both boy’s were brought up in Baltimore, they were raised by single mothers, how both of there mothers worked, being members in crews, and having issues with the law.

When you look at the individuals they will become, there circumstances is sets them apart. As the . Both boys were brought up in Baltimore, however they were brought up in different parts of Baltimore. The author Wes lives in more family oriented location. When the area he lived in starting getting broke in, his mother decided to move back home with her parents in Bronx, New York City. Just to find out it had ran down over the years itself. Despite the efforts of the other Wes Moore’s mother, she moved her family four times over the years to tried and get them to a better neighborhood. However, trouble still followed.

The boys were raised by single mothers. What set’s the boys apart is the author Wes he knew his father. They had a close relationship, he loved, and admired him. Tragically his father pasted away when he was only three. Of the two memories Wes carried from his father, one was watching him suffocate in front of him from a misdiagnosed disease. Unlike the other Wes his father chose not to be in his life. He was a drug addict and a alcoholic. Out of his two memories he has of his father, the last time he saw his father he didn’t even know who he was.

Being single a mother with children, forced these women to work hard long hours, to support there families....
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