Compare and Contrast

Topics: Hostel, Darling Harbour, New South Wales, Cost Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Quach Ngoc Kieu Nhung
Word count: 400

Nowadays, many students come to University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia to study. However, it is very difficult for students to choose suitable and reasonable accommodation. This report will examine three hostels in Sydney, namely Nomads Westend Backpacker (NWB), BIG Hostel (BH) and Sydney Beachouse YAH (SBY) and compare them with respect to their locations and transport options, accommodation and room rates and facilities. Firstly, there are similarities and differences between the hostels’ locations and transport options. To begin with, NWB and BH are similarly situated. Both of them are located in the city centre, close to UTS. Additionally, they are within walking distance to most of Sydney’s attractions such as the Town Hall, World Square, Darling Harbor and Opera House. In contrast, SBY is near the beach and quite far from the city centre. Students can get to SBY by bus and ferry. NWB and BH, on the other hand, are easily accessed by train, bus or taxi. Secondly, the three hostels are different in terms of their accommodation and room rates. BH does not offer four-bed dorm and it is the most expensive. A double at BH costs 63.57 AUD/person/night. Unlike BH, NWB and SBY both provide four-bed dorm and their room rates are more reasonable. A four-bed dorm at NWB and SBY costs 38.57 AUD and 45 AUD per person per night, respectively. Moreover, NWB also offers free pasta and rice every day and free airport pick-up if the students stay more than three nights.

Finally, these hostels have some similarities and differences in their facilities. The facilities of NWB and BH are broadly similar. Both NWB and BH provide bed linen, secure lockers, free city tour, especially Internet access which is very convenient for the students. BH also offers other facilities such as air conditioning and television. On the contrary, SBY provides fan and does not offer Internet access. In conclusion, all the three hostels have...
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