Power of Expecations

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Jared Wansart

Expectation play on important role in a person’s life. As a person we live up to other people expectations they may be bad or good. This is seen in literature and movies. We had seen the power of expectation on the character in the breakfast club, the other Wes Moore and tears of tiger. Power Expectations have strong affect on character some good and some bad, the expectation will develop a character and who they are.

In the book of The Other Wes Moore they show the power of expectation toward the author Wes Moore by he was good A student and the teacher said he would be successful in life. The expectations for the other Wes Moore was he was unsuccessful and not going anywhere in life. These expectations have affect them a lot. “Difference between the two Wes Moore’s was they were each products of their environment because the author had a mother that was emotionally strong and wanted what was best for him and when she saw herself losing him to the streets of the Bronx, she sent him away to a better environment”. “The other Wes Moore did not have a strong bond to his family really because his mother loved but was in denial that Wes could do anything bad and also even though his older brother Tony wanted a better life for Wes, he didn't want to sacrifice his life and be a role model”. These expectations have affected them a lot especially the other Wes Moore because he went down the wrong path in life and ended up going to jail for life. The author Wes Moore had a lot of struggle in his life but in the end he went on the good life path and became successful in life.

In the Movie the Breakfast Club they have showed the power of expectations towards many characters in it. The character Andrew Clark the jock his dad expectations towards him were that he will get a full ride to college for his
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