Comparative Study of Marketing Mix of Vodafone and Airtel by Arun Verma

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Marketing Management

Topic: Comparative Study of Marketing Mix Elements


Vodafone and Airtel

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Arun Verma Anju Saini

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I feel immense pleasure to give the credit of my term paper to all those individuals who guided me to move on this track, without whose direction I probably might not have achieved the task.

This Term Paper tells us about the various Marketing Mix Elements that are used by the Vodafone and Airtel together with their comparative study.

I express my sincere and deep gratitude to Mrs. Anju Saini (faculty of Marketing Management) for helping me in completing my Term Paper and giving me ideas for its completion and making it a great Success.


AS MBA Degree requires equal attention to practical as well as theoretical aspect of the business, various problems are to be dealt with in this course, that’s why research programs are there to give deep as well as thorough knowledge of the subjects.

I have attempted to live up these requisites while preparing this term paper. It is part of professional courses. With the help of term paper we can be able to understand the deep knowledge about the specific topic assigned to us.

It is hoped that this report will meet the given expectations and various requirement of the research.

Executive Summary

This term paper discusses about the Marketing Mix Elements, their forms, their characteristics, and their role in any Marketing Plan. It involves a brief review of the various Marketing Mix Elements of the Vodafone and Airtel together with their comparison.

This Term Paper provides ample information about the company and its various Marketing Mix Elements and how each of them reflects the positioning of the Company in the Market and makes them as the world class competitors as a whole.

Since the concerned companies also are involved in the services together with the goods, thus in addition to the 4 P’s another 3 P’s are also discussed in this study. These other 3 P’s are referred in terms of services rather that goods, these could be categorized as People, Process and Physical Evidence. Sometimes these 7 P’s are also referred to as Service Marketing Mix.


The elements of the marketing mix are also referred to as the 5 P's of marketing. For years marketers referred to the 4 P's of marketing but recently a 5th P has been added to it. While these 5 factors are important individually, their real significance lies in the mix, the unique way they are combined into a careful plan or strategy.

The combination of these four factors is the foundation of any marketing plan, and a marketing plan should exist for each one of the company’s products and services. As each potential product is analyzed and developed for its target customer, it must be viewed with the four P’s in mind.

The 4 P’s of Marketing could be summarised as follows:

1. Product – The products or services offered to the customer: Their physical attributes- what they do, how they differ from competitors and what benefits they provide.

2. Price – How we price our product or service so that our price remains competitive but allows us to make a good profit.

3. Place (Also referred to as Distribution) – Where your business sells its products or services and how it gets those products or services to your customers.

4. Promotion – The methods used to communicate the features and benefits of your products or services to your target customers.

Other 3 P’s of Marketing:

People: This 5th P refers to how our level of service and the expertise and skills of the people who work for us can be used to set us apart from our competitors.

Process: Refers to the...
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