Comparative Study Between Males and Females Regarding Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Regarding Research

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Research has a very significant part of man’s existence. Everything that are utilized by man and almost everything that is in environment we ought it to research. the cloth’s were wearing, the food were eating, almost everything. These things are being developed by the creative mind of man with the use of research.

Since research has its great effect of mankind, Research subject has been introduce to students. it has been a pre-requisite in every Bachelor of Science (BS) courses. The students must accomplish the subject ant its requirements in order for him/her to qualify for graduation.

Having a BS course, the Fides Christi batch 2008 (Bachelor of Science in Nursing Level III) is therefore required to accomplish a research work. The student’s will focused on the Nursing Research. After conducting their studies, the students are required to defend it to a set of panelist to defend their researches and for the panelist to assess on how familiar they are on their studies and how far have they learned in the research subject.

This research study is therefore aimed in discovering the level of competency of the Fides Christi batch 2008. It is just right and timely that the Fides Christi are chosen to be the focus of the study since their research subject is about to end and the learning they gained are still fresh on their memories. This will assess how much they have learned and how competent they are in Research subject.

This research study is conducted to make a comparative assessment on the research competency of male and female Fides Christi. Specifically this study aimed to answer the following questions:
1. What is the extent of the research competency of the respondents in terms of:
a. Knowledge
b. Skills
c. Attitude
2. Is there a significant difference in research competency between male and female Fides Christi in terms of:
a. Knowledge
b. Skills
c. Attitude
3. What are the perceived factors affecting their competency?
4. Is there a difference in their perceived factors?

There is no significant difference on the extent of research competency between male and female fides Christi in terms of: a.Knowledge

Fides Christi. The result of this study will benefit them since they will be able to assess their own level of competency and will lead them to improvement. School Administrators. The results will lead them to the pathways for them to create better curriculum with regards to the research subject. Research Teachers. This will allow them to discover the needs of their students and will lead them in the identification of the most appropriate teaching strategy that they coved use to improve the learning process in a research class. The Researchers. This research study will answer the existing questions in their minds regarding on the extent of difference on the level of competency in the research subject of the male and female Fides Christi. Future Researchers. The results of the study will secure as their resource material and basis in the conduct of new and related studies.

This study focused on the Research Competency of male and female Fides Christi of Saint Paul University Philippines .The researchers started working on the study on December 15, 2006 – March 15, 2007. The researchers gathered data from the respondents on March 3-5, 2007. The researchers used gender to compare the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Fides Christi. Therefore, this research is limited only in the comparative assessment of research competency of the male and female Fides Christi, and other data, which are not related, shall be excluded. The professional group and repeaters are not included as respondents in the study.

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