The Differences Between Research and Investigation

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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The Differences between Research and Investigation
There’s a lot of controversy that research and investigation are somewhat similar because both of them are intended towards gaining knowledge. In recent years, it is found that research is technically different with investigation. Research is based on human activity, intellectual, investigation and is aimed at discovering, interpreting and revising human knowledge on the different aspects of the world. Research is also an activity that people find information and knowledge with an open attitude by using a scientific method to set up a new fact. However, investigation is the process of seeking information by questioning into a matter through follow-up, study, or formal procedure of discovery. The act or process of investigating is a careful search or examination in order to discover facts thoroughly and systematically. Investigation can be defined as a search for fixed and definite facts in hopes of acquiring useful evidence or information to determine and support the argument and principle. One of the most arguable points is in research, we are suppose to bring new creations by way of science and high tech technology whereas in investigation we are required to make query for happened events and bring in the facts of the matter. Research is the search for new knowledge and involves the process of finding new invention or method. Research involves collecting data and gathering materials through field works and operations that are ongoing at present time. Investigation is to inquire onto circumstances surrounding an allegation or incident and to ascertain facts or information. For example, research is an activity for scientist to carry out an experiment while investigation is carried out by detectives to search for evidences by means of examining or looking into the case in order to discover something hidden or secret.

Besides that, research is to study something for a stretch of...
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