Comparative Management

Topics: Management, India, International trade Pages: 6 (1482 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Comparative Management
“Develop an Organization’s expansion-
real estate Development company in India”

Shang-Ching Yeh
Spring 2011 Term Project

Dr. Dalton Grady

Table of Contents
Introduction Situation Analysis Creating New MarketEnvironmentCultural ProfileCommunicationEntry StrategyStructureOverseas OperationStaffing policyLeadership and Motivational SystemConclusionReferences| | 344566778891011| -------------------------------------------------

People usually get confusion in their minds the difference between international business and international management. They are similar, but they have some differences what focus on. In general, "International Business" means all commercial activity, involving several countries. This includes activities, by individuals, corporations, group of companies, government agencies, and international agencies. It can include simple activities, as a consumer mail-order business, or complex cross-media, banking, mining, manufacturing organization. Business activities can include purchase or supply of capital, raw materials, technology, intellectual property or labor, the international business courses, often including the functional areas of business (finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, and so on.). International business is different from the domestic business was mainly due to the level of complexity. This does not mean that all domestic companies are simple, all international business is complex, but as a general rule, business becomes more complex when crossed national borders.  "International Management" refers to the ability to set and skills required for international business.  Basic skills for international managers are identical to that required for successes in domestic management, but international managers also need to know some of the differences between the home country and host country intend to operate. Competition in the international market has become an important activity for most businesses, and even many small to medium sized companies. Facilities are set up in different countries, transfer of operating across borders, increased international trade, a profound impact on the design and operation with international organizations. Internationalization of the impact of the organization to "stay at home," but found themselves in the competition on the "invaders" from abroad. It would be a truth that our domestic market is other people's export market. 

Situation Analysis
The business is Real Estate Development Company. The operation is building house, apartment, skyscraper, and so on. The main consumers are people, sometimes are Government agencies. Now there doesn’t have too much space in Taiwan, so our domestic market is getting small. We decide to create the second company in India.

Creating New Market
Chapter 1 talked about creating new market (in India) has four Benefits of Globalism: 1. Access to more markets
2. Growth of developing economies
3. Opportunities for flexibility and efficiency
4. Opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) India is second large population in the world. Also it is a developing country. "There were never enough end-users for that and there were never going to be," said Manit Rastogi. B+H's Rawat said that townships the firm is designing around the northern city of Haridwar were planned originally to include apartments of 950 square feet as well as villas three or four times that size. According to the above description, there need more house and office place.

In chapter2, it mention doing business (in India) has four attractions: 1. A larger market
2. Low labor cost
3. A growing economy
4. An expanding market
As before mention, Indian...
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