Comparative Analysis of 2 Newspaper Articles About Lance Armstrong Stepping Down as Ceo of Livestrong

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A comparative analysis of 2 newspaper articles from different publications, both reporting the same issue.

This paper compares 2 newspaper articles from different publications, both centered on the same issue. After a brief background of the publications and the journalists, this paper will provide an initial analysis of the coverage. The articles will then be further analyzed based on the following criteria: * Intended audience

* Objectivity
* Accuracy & documentation
The articles that will be compared are Armstrong resigns as Livestrong chairman by Andrea Ball and Suzanne Halliburton, published on Oct. 17, 2012 in the Austin American-Statesman daily newspaper and Lance Armstrong steps down as chairman of cancer charity, dumped by Nike by Oliver Moore, published on Oct. 17, 2012 in The Globe and Mail.

The first article, Armstrong resigns as Livestrong chairman, was retrieved on Oct. 17, 2012, from the Austin American-Statesman. The daily newspaper, or at least some version of it, has been in publication since May 31, 1914. The Statesman serves Austin and the majority of central Texas, with readership hitting 68% in 2009 according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The newspaper had a circulation of 180,345 in 1991. At that time, it had also joined the Associated Press and the United Press International News Service. The second article, Lance Armstrong steps down as chairman of cancer charity, dumped by Nike, was retrieved on Oct. 17, 2012, from The Globe and Mail. The prominent, Canadian based, newspaper has been in production since the 1840s. The Globe has an extensive national readership, averaging 991,800 readers for their weekday issue and 1,101,100 readers for their weekend edition (GlobeLink, 2012). The daily newspaper covers national, international, business, technology, arts, entertainment and lifestyle news. The paper claims it is, “An essential read for Canadians who want in-depth reporting on the issues, facts and opinions that affect our domestic landscape and the world at large.” (GlobeLink, 2012). The Globe and Mail has a very clear mandate, “We will continue to represent the only definitive consumer choice of newspaper, magazines and websites that truly engages Canada in a conversation. We are the definitive word on both world and domestic events, supplying deep analysis, insight and perspective.” (GlobeLink, 2012).

The journalists of the article in the Austin American-Statesman were Andrea Ball and Suzanne Halliburton. Ball is the social services reporter for the newspaper. She is the 2012 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors organization recipient of the Star Investigative Report of the year. The newspapers’ online site explains her focus areas as, “…mental health, intellecual disabilities, poverty and nonprofits.” (, 2012). She has been with the publication since 2009.

Halliburton, the co-writer of this article, has a more concentrated sports interest. The journalist has been with the paper since 1986 and is described by the Statesman’s website to, “…primarily write(s) about college athletics and Lance Armstrong” for the newspaper. The Associated Press Sports Editors, Women’s Sports Foundation, Texas Managing Editors and Southwest APSE have all honoured her.

The journalist of the article in The Globe and Mail is Oliver Moore. Moore has been with The Globe and Mail since 2000, starting as an editor before becoming a reporter. Although a native of Toronto, Moore has worked worldwide including the US, Afghanistan, Grenada and Tanzania. The Globe and Mail website acknowledges Moore as being, “…part of a team of Globe reporters nominated for a National Newspaper Award for their coverage of a murder-suicide.” (The Globe and Mail, 2012).

Initial Analysis
The issue being covered by both articles is the recent news that former Tour de France cyclist, Lance Armstrong, has stepped down as chairman of...
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