Comparative Analysis Between Adaptive Pmlc Model and Extreme Pmlc Model.

Topics: Project management, Agile software development, Extreme Programming Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: July 19, 2011
A project management life cycle (PMLC) model is a sequence that is made up by the five process groups - Scoping, Planning, Launching, Monitoring & Control and Closing, and it’s used for achieving the goal of a project. In handling a project using a PMLC model, the entire process group must be present at least once in a sequence, and any or all of the process groups, may be repeated as required (Wysocki, 2009:299). To be analysed comparatively here are two different type of PMLC model- Adaptive PMLC model and Extreme PMLC model. An Adaptive PMLC model is an Agile Project Management (APM) model which consists of a number of phases that are repeated in cycles between the scoping and closing process groups, with a feedback loop after each cycle is completed. The sequence is: Plan cycle> Launch cycle>Monitor & Control cycle > Close cycle > Next cycle. Here, each cycle proceeds based on an incomplete and limited understanding of the solution. Extreme PMLC model consist of a sequence of repeated phases with each phase based on a very limited understanding of the goal and solution of a project. The sequence: Scope phase >Plan phase > Launch phase > Monitor & Control phase > Close phase > Next phase, is repeated severally in search of both goal and solution until client is satisfied or the budget or time is out. Here, each phase use the knowledge learnt from the preceding one to redirect the next phase towards an acceptable goal and solution. Similarities between Adaptive PMLC model and Extreme PMLC model: Below are some of the similarities between the two models: Nature: They are both repetitive and exploratory in nature. That is, they both achieve the project via several repetitions of processes. They are both open to change and are rather dynamic in nature. Hence, they are both adaptable to changing business condition. Both are variation of the same theme (Wysocki, 2009:467). Process Groups: They like every other PMLC model, make use of the five process groups...
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