Five Project Management Process Groups

Topics: Project management, Management, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Pages: 3 (576 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Five Project Management Process Groups (PMBOK Guide – Fourth Edition)

The five Project Management Process Groups is a breakdown of typical project management lifecycle. It describes and organizes the project from the start to the end of the project. By breaking down the activities into a group of processes, it makes a seemingly huge project more manageable and easier to handle.

1. Initiating, is where the project is formally defined, and authorization signed-off by top Management. Inputs for this phase are contract, Letter Of Order, or statement of work issued by the project sponsor. Other influential inputs may include procedures and policies of the company. The output for this phase is normally a Project Charter and the Preliminary Project Scope Statement. Activities or processes involved at this stage are: a. Development of Project Charter

b. Identification of stake-holders

2. Planning, is where the project objectives are refined, and the necessary steps to achieve those objectives are planned. (Within the given Project Scope). The inputs at this phase are the Project Charter and Preliminary Project Scope Statement. The output at this phase is the Project Management Plan. Activities or process involved at this stage are: a. Development of Project Management Plan

b. Collection of requirements, definition of Project Scope and Creation of Work Breakdown Structure c. Definition of activities and sequences of activities.
d. Estimation of activity resources and durations.
e. Development of detail schedule.
f. Estimation and Determination of costs and budgets.
g. Quality Planning h. Development of Human Resource Planning i. Communication Planning
j. Risk Management activities:
i. Planning for Risk Management
ii. Identification of Risks
iii. Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis
iv. Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis
v. Planning of Risk Responses k. Procurement Planning.

3. Executing, is where the people...
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