Company Email Usage Policies

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Company Email Usage Policies
Any time a company allows employees access to their email system, the organization's assets, future and reputation are at risk (, 2004). As a result it is important that a company email policy be created and implemented. This policy will include: the purpose of emails, the ownership of emails, email usage, sensitive and confidential materials, prohibited content in emails, virus checking archiving emails and violations to the email policy. The implementation of this policy will minimize the legal risk to both the company and individuals involved.

To: All company employees
From: Jane Doe, Human Resource Dept.
Subject: Implementation of companywide email usage policy.
December 8, 2001
Attention all employees:

Due to the possible of risk to the company’s assets and legal ramifications from emails, it has been determined by the legal department that a company-wide policy must be implemented. Therefore Effective December 8, 2001 the following is now the company’s emails policy.

Email Usage Policy

Purpose of Emails: The purpose of the email system is solely to conduct company business. All personal emails should be sent and received through your own private email address. Only authorized personnel may use the company email system.

The ownership of emails: All emails created, sent and received using the company’s email system is property of the company. The company reserves the right to monitor, access and disclose all or in part of any email messages within the company email system. All emails may be monitored by authorized company personnel for violations of law, breaches of company policies and any other reason deemed appropriate by the company.

Email usage: All emails must be handled in the same manner as a letter, fax, memo or other forms of business communications. Employees may not read and or retrieve email that was not sent to them unless authorized by a company official or the...
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