Community Fitness Access Case Study

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Community Fitness Access Case Study
The fitness center I chose to investigate for this assignment was Family Wellness; the fitness center that my family and I use when we exercise. The Family Wellness center has a partnership with Sanford Health and The Y. It is located directly in Fargo, North Dakota, only five minutes away from our house. Personally, I really like Family Wellness; there are a lot of great aspects to the company, facility, and staff.

Currently, the rate for a family is $918.00 a year. Due to the fact that my mother, father, two brothers, sister, and myself all like to workout, buying a year membership was worth it. I find it to be a very reasonable price. Not only is the price a benefit of Family Wellness, but also so is the layout of the facility. The building has a simple design, which makes it easy to navigate through. The entire facility is roomy and clean. The main floor consists of the majority of the workout machines, along with a few different sports courts. With an indoor track upstairs and additional machines, it makes for a nice place to exercise.

The Family Wellness Center offers a very good childcare program. A parent can take time for their wellness while their child has fun exploring and playing in Child’s Play – an onsite drop-in childcare center. Child’s Play is open to all members, guests and staff. It features: wellness focused child care, a screen-free zone (no television, movies, or video games), a child can stay for up to two hours, no reservations needed, for ages six weeks through eight years old, care is available while parent/guardian is in the building, and it is for both members and non members. As I said before, the location works out well for my family and I. We only have to drive at most, five minutes and in the spring and summer when it starts to get nice out, we can walk or ride our bikes there. One of the biggest benefits about the Family Wellness Center is that it is not population...
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