Communication Situation Analysis Paper

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Communication Situation Analysis Paper

Today, there has been an influx in technology advancements in the workplace that have streamlined office tasks and improved employee productivity. Moreover, businesses are now better equipped to handle their customer’s needs as well as enhance their competitiveness. These technology advancements include new communications channels such as e-mail, fax, audio, and video conferencing. In this paper, the different types of communications channels and the types of messages appropriate for each channel will be discussed as well as their effectiveness in the workplace.

Different Types of Communications Channels
As one of the communication technologies commonly found in organizations today, a facsimile transmission, fax for short, is a product that allows documents to be sent over a telephone line almost instantaneously. In using fax machines, organizational managers can rapidly forward, receive, or share important documents with several locations. Moreover, this communication channel can also assist an organization in facilitating collaboration and enhancing their decision- making process. Another widely used communication channel is electronic messaging or e-mail that is a method of exchanging digital messages. According to author, Gary Dessler, e-mail systems are based on a store-and-forward model which allows e-mail servers to accept, forward, deliver, and store messages. In addition, the receiver of an e-mail has the control to read his or her electronic messages whenever they chose as well as the ability to save or delete these messages in their electronic mailbox (Dessler, 2002). Moreover, by sending or receiving e-mail messages via networks such as the Internet, individuals today can communicate on a one-to-one base or with several users all over the world.

Audio conferencing is also a communication channel increasingly used in today’s organization. By using telephone lines or satellite transmissions,...
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