Communication Plan

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Communications Plan (PDLC)

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Purpose and Scope7
Related Documents7
Terms and Definition7
2.Key Roles and Responsibilities9
Quality Assurance Responsibilities15
3.PDU OBS/Focal Point List17
4.Coordination Meeting Plan18
Purpose and Scope18
Recurring Coordination Meetings18
Event-Driven Coordination Meetings22
5.Reporting Plan27
Purpose and Scope27
Communications Report List27
6.Open Issues and Action Items29
Purpose and Scope29
Organization of AIs and OIs29

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Purpose and Scope
Proactive communication is important on all projects. The program manager must make sure that team members, customers and stakeholders have the information they need to do their jobs. Communication is also a vital way to manage expectations about how the project is going and who needs to be doing what. This can be as simple as talking to your team members about how they are doing on their assigned work, or a regularly scheduled status meeting. However you do it, proper communication can go a long way toward ensuring project success. Communication gets much more complex the larger a project gets, and the more people that are involved. Larger projects require communication to be planned in advance, taking into account the particular needs of the people involved. This is where a Communication Plan is useful. A Communication Plan allows you to think through how to communicate most efficiently and effectively to the various constituents. Effective communication means that you are providing information in the right format, at the right time and with the right impact.

The Communications Plan encompasses all the decisions and preparations required to set up a system of communications that will support the release/project's activities throughout the release life cycle. The plan includes the following components:

Key roles and responsibilities
PDU organizational breakdown structure (OBS)/Focal Points list ■Coordination meeting plan
Status reporting plan
Action item/Open Issue management plan
Each of the following chapters is devoted to one of the elements in the above list. The plan refers to the communications within and between the internal PDU forums and groups and externally with other organizational units and/or forums as described in this document. Related Documents

Communications Procedure (PCDOCS #225069)
Terms and Definition

Forum ManagerA manager who is assigned the responsibility of managing the forum and ensuring that the related processes and activities are performed. This includes but is not limited to; maintaining the AI/OI repository, and identifying the AI and or resolve OI. Release ManagerProgram manager responsible for consolidating schedules, commitments, and status provided by project core teams. Project Core TeamGroup of representatives from each functional group responsible for a particular project, such as product management, program management, development, PQA, and tech pubs. Each team member is responsible for raising issues from within the group they represent and forwarding information relevant to others in their functional team. Release Core TeamOne person from each functional group to represent all project core teams for that group. In addition, a person from CM, manufacturing, training, readiness, and advocacy engineering is also included. Review ManagerA manager who is assigned the responsibility of managing and performing the entire review process and related activities for a particular document or set of...
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