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UNIT 6 Meetings UNIT 7 Taking Notes & Preparing Minutes UNIT 8 Presentation Skills-I UNIT 9 Presentation Skills-II UNIT 10 Negotiation Skills 5 26 48 59 71

Skills Needed at the Workplace-II

Dr Anju Sahgal Gupta School of Humanities IGNOU

Faculty of SOCIS, IGNOU
Prof. Manohar Lal Shri Akshay Kumar Shri V.V.Subrahmanyam Shri Shashi Bhushan Shri P.V. Suresh Prof P.S. Grover (Senior Cosultant)

Dr. Jagtar Chawla Barkatullah University Bhopal Dr. Anju Sahgal Gupta (Editor) School of Humanities IGNOU

Unit 7 has largely been taken from EEG-04, IGNOU Publication Course Coordinator : Dr Anju Sahgal Gupta

Sh. H.K. Som Camera Ready Copy prepared by: Sh. A.S.V. Venkateswar, PA, IGNOU Sh. G.K. Arora, DEO-C, IGNOU.

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In the previous Block we introduced you to basic Communicative and Business English skills that are essential whenever you are doing business. In this Block these skills will be further practiced and expanded in different business contexts. In fact, in this Block we have provided you with a wide range of business settings and situations in which you can practice and improve your communication skills in English, so that you can become more confident, more fluent and more accurate. The units in this Block are as follows: Unit 6: Unit 7: Unit 8: Unit 9: Unit 10: Meetings Taking Notes and Preparing Minutes Presentation Skills 1 Presentation Skills II Negotiation Skills

Each unit consists of integrated activities which include reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks, as well as study skills and grammar activities to inculcate accuracy. Please listen to the tape wherever indicated and practice the correct pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns. We have given you a detailed Answer Key. Some of the answers are suggestive in nature – this means that variations are possible which are equally correct. Please do the exercises before you turn to the Answer Key. Where the Speaking and Listening tasks are concerned which call for discussion, role play and simulation, it would be a good idea to practice with some friend who is good at English or at the Study Centre with fellow students. We hope you find this course enjoyable and useful.

Skills Needed at the Workplace-II

Structure 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.8 6.9 6.10 6.11 6.12 6.13 Objectives Warm up Reading: A Successful Meeting Speaking: One to One Meetings Language Focus: Opening, Middle and Close Study Skills : Editing Listening: Criteria for Successful Meetings Vocabulary Grammar: Reporting Verbs Writing: Memos Pronunciation: Stress According to Part of Speech Summary Suggested Readings Answers to Check Your Progress



Conducting or participating in meetings is an important business skill. In this Unit you will learn • • • • • • • • about formal and informal meetings about the process of business meetings the role of the chairperson and participants how to express your ideas and views how to make suggestions, how to express agreement and disagreement how to write agendas, and follow up memos to practice the language of meetings



Have a look at these pictures which suggest two kinds of meetings. What do you think are the major...
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