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Of the five conflicts described in your text, which conflict do you think occurs most often in the health care workplace? Which conflict management style do you think would be most effective in handling the conflict? Explain your answers.

Conflict can be describe according to this week’s reading material as “the internal or external tension that occurs when you experience difficulty in meeting important needs”() The five conflicts are; pseudo conflicts can describe as faulty assumptions and false dilemmas which can be perceived as conflict. Fact conflicts are discovered when individuals disagree about factual and documented information that can be some reference checked. Ego conflicts happen when a misunderstanding is center on one’s status and power or to simple get self-approval. Value conflicts occur when people hold strong personal beliefs that are in disagreement for example religious differences, cultural differences or differences in upbringing. Need conflicts usually occur when the needs of individual are satisfy. After understanding each of the conflicts the one I think happen most often in the healthcare workplace is pseudo conflicts. I have had experience with pseudo conflicts at work where individuals make the wrong assumption, and I have also have had times where I feel there is no other way to handle the situation. The conflict management style I believe would be most effective in handle this conflict is the Collaborator style. The reason why I think this would be the best way to handle the conflict is because in that style everybody is working together toward a common goal. In an environment like that coworkers are more willing to work together in other to get the job done with little or no stress.

This is a tough one. I feel that most conflicts are from pseudo conflicts. I feel there is a false dilemma that is not really there when there is the case of misunderstanding or miscommunication in the health care setting....
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