Communicating with Families (Teacher)

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Tara Richardson
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Task 1

Communcation With Families

In the speech this teacher gives to her class' parents, sensitivity is demonstrated in a few different ways. She included several handouts of the classroom rules, and things to be expected of the students; even including information from the state education office and the national standards for Social Studies. The teacher provided email access to her, as well as instructions to get to the school's website and access how to email the teacher. The teacher took into consideration that many parents work during school hours, so she has one day a week set aside to to answer any question sand concerns until 8pm, and a calendar of the days in which she will be available. However, there are still many things this teacher overlooked.

The handouts can be helpful to parents to better understand what is expected of their children in the classroom, what rules are to be followed, and how the children will be graded. "Just about all families care about their children, want them to succeed and are eager to obtain better information from schools and communities so as to remain good partners in their children's education." (Epstein, 2001, p.407) Parents want to see their children learn and do well in their studies. The teacher providing an email adress is very helpful to parents, it provides an always open means of communication with the teacher. "Your communication creates perceptions of your competence." (Kauchak&Eggen, 2008, pg. 365) The teacher putting aside one night a week, and including a calendar of those nights shows how open the teacher is to being helpful and keeping communication open between parents and herself. Communication is most crucial to understanding your child's progress and how you can help them learn more effectively. Parents engaging their children in positive ways is one of the best things they could possibly do.

The insensitivities in the teacher’s speech vary...
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