Communicate Appropriately W Clients & Colleagues

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  • Published: February 14, 2013
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Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues

Learning Guide for Volunteers
(40410SA) Certificate III in Active Volunteering

National Volunteer Skills Centre is a project run by Volunteering Australia and is funded by Department of Family and Community Services

National Volunteer Skills Centre CHCCOM2B

This learning guide is based on the national industry unit of competency (CHCCOM2B) Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues from (CHC02) Community Services Training Package © Commonwealth of Australia 2004 Published by Volunteering Australia First Published November, 2004 All rights reserved. This work is copyright, but permission is given to trainers and facilitators of volunteers to make copies by photocopying or other duplicating processes for use within volunteer involving organisation or in a workplace where the training is being conducted for volunteers. This permission does not extend to the making of copies for use outside the immediate training environment for which they are made, nor the making of copies for hire or resale to third parties. For permission outside of these guidelines, apply in writing to Volunteering Australia Inc. These learning materials are published by Volunteering Australia for the National Volunteer Skills Centre and funded by the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services. Enquires should be directed to National Volunteer Skills Centre Suite 2, Level 3 11 Queens Road Melbourne Vic 3004 T: 03 9820 4100 F: 03 9820 1206 E: W: ARBN 062 806 464

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