Communicable Diseases

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Communicable Disease
Communicable diseases have been a plague on mankind since the beginning of history. Communicable diseases can instill fear, panic, and public outrage. The outcry for communicable disease control, prevention, and eradication has been the driving force behind physicians and organizations. Understanding the communicable disease, the origin, the causation behind the spread of the disease, and how to prevent further spread of the communicable disease is the intent of these physicians and organizations.

In this paper the subject to discuss is the rise, spread, control, and preventive measures for pertussis (whooping cough). In addition this paper will define possible environmental factors that could drive the spread of the disease. The factors of lifestyle, socioeconomic status, and disease management have an influence on the spread of the disease as well. Taking the first step to identify, treatment and prevention in communities, states, and nations will bring these diseases under control. Pertussis is a public health crisis that could have a serious consequence. Description and Control

Pertussis has been a communicable disease since the beginning of the 20th century. Pertussis was a common childhood disease. In fact, pertussis was the leading cause of childhood mortality in the United States in the same period. 200,000 cases of pertussis, prior to a vaccination in 1940, came to light every year (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). After dissemination of the vaccine cases of pertussis were dramatically lower than the previous year. Beginning in 1980 the number of pertussis cases began to rise among teenagers and children under six months (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Cases of pertussis began to escalate each year.

Clinical identification of the disease is the leading reason why the number of reports has been increasing. Additionally, the ability to diagnose the disease through laboratory testing and...
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