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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Identifying health needs of the population – The health needs of the population are determined by the incidence of disease and trends identified. Nationally collated can identify health trends in the entire country. Statistics can be used to determine how health can be improved or how areas of concern can be highlighted and effects of ill health reduced or prevented. A responsibility of health professionals is to report incidences of specific diseases and illnesses so the information can be centrally collated and acted on. Factors such as age, genetics, environment, lifestyle, education and take up of preventive measures for example immunisation may relate to patterns of illness and disease. The needs of the public are governed by social, financial and economic factors as well. Monitoring the health status of the community – This means monitoring and tracking the changes of the health in the population to check if there are any potential problems for the population. If there are people need to be alerted about these problems for example people have been alerted about the obesity within the population. Different health professionals collect the data to monitor the health status of the community. Developing programmes to reduce risk and screen for early disease – this is a way of attempting to reduce ill health by introducing new programmes which can be used to identify which people can be at risk of different health problems and conditions. Once they have been identified they can then be engaged in preventative programmes as a way to prevent the ongoing continuing of the condition or disease. For example a doctor identifying that someone is at risk of developing diabetes because of their obesity and referring them to someone who could help them lose weight to lower the risk. Controlling communicable disease – Because communicable diseases can have so much impact on the population, the surveillance and control of such diseases is an...
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