Common Factors Affecting Students

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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OF FILIPINO COLLEGE STUDENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES FROM YEAR 2000-2010 -------------------------------------------------

A Term Paper
Presented to:
Mr. Albert Abad Braga
Mindanao Polytechnic College

In Partial Fulfillment
Of The Requirements For
English II

Loro, R.J.Nuñez, J.
Lozadas, N.Panizales, J.
Mariano, A.Pescuela, R.
Maucesa, J.Pontillar, J.
Narbonita, J.Regua, J.
Robles, D.A.

March 2011


A. Background Information

Philippines is a country with a students that is gifted with intelligence and thoughts. History is just one example of this, the National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal is an intelligent and bright student in his time. He represented the Philippines in European countries and brought honor. He won in many competitions because of the intelligence he have. He almost got all excellent in his grades while schooling in the different schools and universities in the Philippines. This is one thing that Filipinos can be proud off.

In present times, still, there are Filipinos are excelling in the field of academic performances. Hence, as the time goes by, many students are getting failed in their subjects, especially college students. Instead of studying hard to have a good grades, students this days used to go anywhere with their friends and stroll around, not thinking of their responsibilities as a student. Aside from that, many students are pawned to addiction of computer games which led the students to have cutting classes during school hours. These are just some of problems that the students are facing now. People cannot blame the development of technology, as...
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