Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance in School

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2. What is the role of Literature in doing a research project?

Literature is a critical summary and an assessment of the current state of knowledge or current state of the art in a particular field.

The role of literature in doing a research project is:

• It formulates a research question.
• It establishes the validity of a research project by revealing gaps in the existing literature on a topic that offer opportunities for new research. • Provides the reader with an up to date account and discussion of the research findings in a particular topic. • Provides the researcher with a context in which to place his/her assignments regardless of the module the researcher is studying. • Able to detect conflicting point of view expressed by different authors. These conflicting points of view might be the indicators of diverging theories within the same topic. • Discuss relevant research carried out in the same topic.

4. Discuss when Literature Review is not Literature Review?

It is not:
• When it is a descriptive list of papers or summaries or an abstract of articles. • When just listing the sources and describing them in detail one at a time. • Primarily an argument for the importance of what it is that the researcher is researching on while it is necessary to explain the primary purpose of the research the researcher of a literature review will assume that the need for undertaking the research has already been established. • When it is organized around the sources themselves as an annotated bibliography would be organized rather than around ideas. • When rehashing of another authors work.

• A story telling.
• Agreeing with what other researches have said.

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