Chief Reasons for Students Academic Failure in College

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Going to college is a big step for many young people. For most, going to college is the first time they are away from home for an extended period of time. Being away from home also means no parental supervision to make sure that they are doing their work and making good decisions. At this time is when academic failure is likely to occur. Three things that can cause academic failure are lack of maturity, Attendance, and not taking advantage of student resources.

Firstly, being away from home for an extended period of time can be a nerve racking experience. For most students this is there first time not having a person monitor every move they make. Unfortunately this is when the lack of maturity will show in some students. For example when there is a big party and everyone’s going chances are students who have an Exam in the morning are going too instead of studying. This shows a lack of maturity because even though there is something important that needs to be done they still would rather have fun.

Secondly, attendance plays a huge role in academic success. If student’s come to class everyday and pay attention to the lectures they are more likely to understand what is going on in the class and most likely pass that class. If a student did not show up for class on a regular basis they would most likely fail that class. They would miss the lecture so they would not fully understand what is going on, they would also miss any discussion that they may have had in class, and they would miss any assignments that was given out during class. Missing class is not a good idea unless they absolutely must.

Finally, one of the top reasons for academic failure is because students don’t take advantage of student resources. There really should be no reason for academic failure because every college has peer or faculty tutoring or both. Many students have or will fall behind in one or more of their classes. Most students don’t take advantage of student resources. Most just...
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