Comm 117

Topics: Sentence, Dependent clause, Independent clause Pages: 72 (26637 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The Fundamentals of Written English, Comm. 117
Progressive Outline from Friday 25th January 2013 to Friday 3rd May 2013 Session One: Friday 25th January 2013, City Campus at Bretton Hall Building (BHB), Room 330, from 5pm to 8pm, CRN: 26368 Objectives: to improve our critical thinking, to advance grammatical techniques that will enhance our essay writing skills and to more fully appreciate the values we learn daily and how they are still dominated by Eurocentric principles. 1/ Explain course outline and provide e-mail or other contact information for further reference. Christopher McMaster

2/ Writing Autobiographies
This is your first assignment that must be e-mailed to me before your second class. It celebrates the good things about you and it tells me about your expectations for this class. The following suggestions will guide your effort. An autobiography is your story that begins with your name, the area in which you live and a brief summary of those with whom you live. This is followed by a brief list of the things you approve and some that you dread. There are obviously things you did that makes you very proud and you should tell us some of these as well as a few of the embarrassments you have had. Unusual events or exciting trips overseas make great material too. You must end this message by giving at least five things you learnt today in class that will help you in the near future. 3/ Review the parts of speech and their applications to the effective planning, thematic coherence, editing and finally the execution of essays. There are eight parts of speech into which all Standard English words fit. They are:

1 Nouns Name
2 PronounsReplace
3 AdjectivesDescribe
4 VerbsDo or tell
5 AdverbsModify
6 ConjunctionsJoin
7 PrepositionsShow relationships
8 ExclamationsShow emotions
The first rule of Standard English is:
It is the function of a word that determines its part of speech.

This helps us to understand the importance of function. For example the word ‘rock’ is commonly known as a noun as in: The exquisite rock belonged to Kerese. Or: It was her rock. Or: No rock has been more cherished than Kerese’s. But consider:

a/ The monkeys rock riotously on the thin limb of the balata tree. ‘Rock’ in the previous sentence is a verb. b/ A rock artiste failed his drug test. Several rock inspections revealed defects in the geological survey. In both sentences of (b) the word ‘rock’ is an adjective. For example: The read, the wealthy and the fortunate lead stable lives. The word ‘read’ [pronounced red] is a noun in that sentence. Sherrisse’s book explains Hindu and African traditions in Trinidad. The word ‘book’ is a noun in the previous sentence but examine the function of these same words below. The read students of this school understand the importance of theory. The word ‘read’ is an adjective in that sentence. Derek Walcott’s book reviews were contrasted with Merle Hodge’s book reviews in the lecture. The words ‘book,’ are adjectives in that sentence. Now examine these functions.

Yesterday, three students read the lyrics of ‘Differentology,’ Bunji’s 2013 calypso. The word ‘read’ is a verb in that sentence.
Candice and Maria book rooms at guesthouses in Tobago each year for Divali. The word ‘book’ in that sentence is also a verb.
Is is a verb. The first ‘is’ in that declarative sentence is a noun. The second ‘is’ is a verb and the word ‘verb’ in that preceding sentence is a noun. Observe how these parts of speech exchange places when we change the full stop into a question mark. VERB CHART

The tense of the verb is the time that the action/state is performed; the verb type explains the duration or completeness of the action or state. There are three primary tenses and three primary states: (e.g.; to call) Tense1/ Simple2/ Continuous3/ Perfect

1. Presenthe callshe is callinghe...
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