Glass and Chosen Verb

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8. Deixis. Exercises

Directions After you have read Unit 8 you should be able to tackle the following questions to test your understanding of the main ideas raised in the unit. Provide a definition.

1 You should understand these terms and concepts from this unit: * Deictic words. – Is the word which takes some element of its meaning from the context. * (Deictics) context. -
* Reported speech. – Used to communicate something that someone said.

2 What parts of speech can function as deictics? List them and give an example or two of each, preferably different from the ones given in this unit. * Pronouns. – He, she, it, they, etc.
* Locative Adverbs. - There, here, this, that, those, these. * Time axis. – Then, now, etc.
* Pronouns. – Mr., Miss., tú, vos, ustedes, etc.
* Discourse diexis. – Used to point to future discourse element (Things which are about to be said) He said THAT he was going to come.

3 Identify all the deictic expressions in the following sentences and be able to explain why they are decitic.

a. Now we have to make plans for next week.
Now: Temporal, We: Personal, Next: Temporal.

b. Her best friend was standing behind John.
Her: Personal, Was: Temporal, Behind: Spatial, John: Social.

c. All the guests arrived two hours ago.
Arrived: Temporal, Ago: Temporal.

d. You noticed me standing there.
You: Personal, Noticed: Temporal, Me: Personal, There: Spatial.

e. This book was written by that author over there.
This: Spatial, Was: Temporal, That: Discourse, Over: Spatial.

f. Just set your briefcase to the right of mine.
Your: Personal, To the right: Spatial, Mine: Personal.

4 Use an utterance of your own to report the following utterances from a vantage point distant in time and space. Be sure to change the deictic expressions as needed. Assume the people are speaking to you.

a. Fred: ‘I will do that assignment tomorrow.’
Fred said that he was going to do that...
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