Combating the Problems of Higher Education: a Big Challenge

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Combating the problems of higher education: A big challenge

Ashish kuma sharma*


Issues challenging the higher education in India are multi faceted and quite complex. There are certain issues which are extremely important and require attention of the government on priority basis so that the higher education can contribute maximum to the progress and development of the country. The problems like accessibility of higher education to everyone, lack of infrastructure, lack of adequate human resources and their accountability, examinations and evaluation process needs immediate attention etc. Educationists must consider these problems in context to present globalization. During the process of expansion of higher education, regulatory bodies should be very careful for the quality of education. This paper discuss the problems and their solutions and feel that solving the problems itself is a big challenge now-a-days.

Key words: lack of adequate colleges and teaching faculty, accountability, globalization, examination and evaluation, and financial crunch.


* Research scholar, Dept. of Education, University of Lucknow

Combating the Problems of Higher Education : A Big Challenge



Education is an essential for the growth and prosperity of both a nation. Along with from primary and secondary education, higher education is one of the main instrument for development and transformation of a country. Higher education has the omnipotent role of preparing future leaders for different spheres of life- social, economic, political, scientific and technological. Higher education is the mandate to bridge the knowledge gap between countries and communities, enriching dialogues between people culture, international linking and networking of ideas, research and technology. Thus higher education provides the competencies that are required in different spheres of human activity, ranging from administration to agriculture, business, industry, health and communication and extending to the arts and culture.

Higher Education imparts in-depth knowledge and understanding so as to expose the students to new frontiers of knowledge in different walks of life. Further, it not only broadens the cerebral power of the individual within a narrow specialization but also gives a wider perspective of the world around. In the present day knowledge society where the world is highly competitive, it is only the higher education that provides qualified and trained human resources to keep pace with fast changing world.

But still the growth rate of Indian Higher Education system is very slow as compare to other developed countries. To make our fast and active, after independece several commission like Radha Krishnana commission ( 1948 ),Kothari commission ( 1964-66), N.P.E.(1968), N.P.E.(1986), Acharya Rammurty committee (1990), Programme of action(1992), National knowledge commission (2005) etc. work hard but still our system suffer with some problems and challenges.

Lack of Adequate Colleges and Universities--

Indian Higher Education system is one of the largest systems of Education today in the world. It has more than 600 Universities and approximately 33000 affiliated colleges. In these universities and colleges we have more than 1,40,00,000 students i.e. just 12% of the age group i.e. 18-24. Although the system is large, still it is not catering to the expected large percentage of relevant age group in the system with developed nations like USA and UK, it is very negligible. With the implementation of DPEP and SSA scheme successfully, if all the children passing out of higher secondary schools enter higher education, India needs another...
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