Politics of Higher Education in Malaysia

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  • Published: September 27, 2011
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Dr. Rahim Abd. Rashid, one of lecturers from Faculty of Education, University Malaya had wrote about politics in higher education specifically from its trends and issues. Below is what I can say about what Dr. Rahim had written. Higher educations is important to build up individual’s career become more perfect. Everybody feel not enough in education level if they are not entered the higher learning institution. Higher educations was been existed by government for the government too to develop our beloved country, Malaysia that had many races live together in peace and harmony. However, the higher education has it own story, that creates some issues and trends. This current things has invited some opinions and bear various situation in many aspects. Politic field exist in each place because it was main topic in the world and as the key to conquer the world. So, in education institution especially higher education also had it own politic issues. Higher education in Malaysia has been restructed in line with political agenda. It’s also practising democration and liberalisation as a trend. However, this were good until now because didn’t have chaos in the institution. The political were controlled by government to prevent any bad symptoms from happen. Political in higher educations is necessary due to make the students comfortable with politic agenda from they are graduates and live in the real life. Generally political thoughts in higher education shaped by political division in Malaysian society. So, they’re also influences by issues such as ethnic agenda, religious beliefs and faith and many more. However, these things no need to worry about because the information about politics has grown in student’s mind. Actually students in higher education are need to get involved in political but not the real politics. It’s because this can trained up the mind set and being able to differentiate between positive and negative. The students are heir of country’s leaders and will becoming leader that fully responsible about shaping our country to be in right way and more developing. Although in higher education students may gave chance to involve in political agenda. This thing is good if not been pressured on mostly among students and not forcing them compulsory to involved in politics. This because when there is a problem in the higher education about politics, there will be a big matter also and any other problems will facing out. Malaysia is a multi-racial country and the politics are playing around races and religions in it. The worse level that can happen is the exist of anti-government society that’s are not satisfied with current issues and not-well balance in some matters. Student’s mind are truly fresh and also can think out more from the society. They can bear more attractive ideas and new discovery. So, students in higher education should be encourage and at the same time being control also. Academics are responsible to form the student in higher learning institution on how they would be after graduates. This political agenda not only existed among students, but also popular within the academics. If those academics were exuberant, the students would being influenced also. Academics should not to talk about politics in university. They should be advised not to talk about it because they would blazed the politic spirit among students. We know that normally students are interesting with something new and contemporary in nature. They will be excited with it and not think longer to practice. The elements contra of government also should be stop from publish out because this will encourage the contras that feel their ways are right to become anti-government. Actually some reasons available that needs political agenda in higher educations. It takes responsible to make the management of higher learning institution better and smooth...
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