College Health Essay

Topics: Self-esteem, Bullying Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Aspect of education at college level

For most students, attending college can be very stressful and can affect many aspects of their health. When you are deciding which college to choose there are many factors that can impact your decision. This causes a lot of stress and anxiety for students because they have so many different options they can take and some students are unsure of what they even want to do as a career. The worst part is that choosing your college and classes isn't the only part affecting your health. Going to college can have a huge effect on your self esteem whether its in a negative or positive way. Students choose to do certain things in order to have a good time, but they are unaware of how bad they are hurting their health.

Self esteem is greatly impacted in college because everyone wants to fit in and also have good grades. If a student is being treated badly or scoring low on their tests then this will hurt their self esteem which can lead to other health issues whether they are physical or mental problems. A students living situation and other worries that college brings are also other factors that play a role in low self esteem. When a person has low self-esteem it weakens their immune system and adds more stress to their everyday lives. This can lead to alcohol and/or drug abuse, smoking, or sometimes even suicide.

Students in college want to have fun and meet new people, so they do things such as drinking and drugs. College students include drinking in almost all of their daily activities, whether its going to the football game or just watching a movie in their dorm or apartment. Many kids in college get alcohol poisoning from over drinking and in some cases students have even died from to much alcohol. Kids don't realize that they are killing their bodies and liver because they are blinded by all of the fun and freedom that they now have in college.

Stress is huge in college whether its from relationships, grades,...
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