Collaboration Potential and Hurdles of Greater Collaboration Between China and India

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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2. Examine the collaboration potential and hurdles of greater collaboration between China and India regarding innovation and other commercial ventures.

Collaboration between the countries is very important to survive in this competitive world. This is because nowadays the competition in dealing with the goods and services is becoming so aggressive. One cannot be the top one without the assistance from others. Also, due to the rapid changes in the environment, one country has to adapt faster to the changing environment. This is hard for a country to face it alone. Therefore, the collaboration concept comes into play. Furthermore, with the collaboration, there will be more talents in bringing up innovation and all the difficulties can be solved easily. Collaboration can also reinforce the country’s position in the global economy. Both are emerging economic super powers.  Both countries must leverage their strengths instead of competing to sustain economic growth. By complementing each other’s strength they can dominate the world tech industry. Hence, it is possible for China and India to collaborate.

One of the collaboration potential is that both of the countries – China and India can help each other in solving troubles such as the health crisis that occurred in the countries – AIDS, tuberculosis, avian flu, and other diseases. They can work together to find the ways to treat the diseases together so that they will be more talents in the future to help improve the economic condition since they will not die in such a young age.

In addition, as mentioned in the case study, China is a manufacturing giant and India soars in tech and services. The collaboration can boost the innovation capabilities. It can challenge the supremacy of USA (Dutta 2006, p. 5). With the huge populations of young workers from both of the countries, they can also learn from each other in order to become the top one. This is proven where both of the countries graduate a...
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