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Collaboration works by integrating ideas set out by multiple people. The object is to find a creative solution acceptable to everyone. Collaboration, though useful, calls for a significant time commitment not appropriate to all conflicts. For example, a business owner should work collaboratively with the manager to establish policies, but collaborative decision-making regarding office supplies wastes time better spent on other activities.. * Cooperation supports both team and individual goals.

An added benefit to a teamwork culture is that staff members also develop cross-functional skills, such critical thinking and negotiation. * Team work builds communication and an idea culture that helps retain valuable employees.” As a team works together over time, the individuals in the team become more adept in that environment and the likelihood that they value their team increases with each success. *  Collaboration helps you keep up with the fast, global pace.

With so much global competition and advanced technology, things happen at a faster pace and you have to keep up in order to be successful.” Building a team of individuals with diverse strengths allows them to accomplish a variety of complex tasks. A competent team can accomplish much more than any one person alone — helping them keep up to a fast marketplace. * Better Division of Labor

* One of the advantages of collaborative efforts in the workplace is the way that the work is divided. When more than one person is involved in accomplishing a certain task, particularly when it is a large project, it helps for everyone to have a small portion of the responsibility to ensure things get done versus loading one or two people with too much work to accomplish the task. * Team members combine their talent and support each other when attempting to achieve the same result. As a result, productivity is increased because of clearly defined responsibilities distributed among each...
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